The Faculty

We are the faculty and staff of the ICC. Our historic mission has been to educate all people — the rich and the poor – without distinction, save that of “industry, good conduct, and intellect.” We embrace and celebrate our mission to educate young people, no matter their background or origin, and no matter their identity. We help our future educators to become the future teachers and school leaders that our society so desperately requires. We work with ICC, its systems, and students who have been ignored and worse, by a world grown more hostile and worrisome.

Physics Department

  • Amir Fayyaz (Ph.D.)
  • Sohail Azmat (M.Phil.)
  • Salimul Azzam (M.Phil.)

Chemistry Department

  • Waheed lqbal (Ph.D.)
  • Sohaib Sawar (B.S)
  • Inzmam Abbasi (M.Phil.)

Biology Department

  • Muhammad Rizwan (M.Phil.)
  • Shakeel Ahmad (M.Phil.)
  • Asif kamaal (M.Phil.)
  • Muhammad Ameen (M.Phil.)
  • Sundas (MSc)

Computer Department

  • Yousaf Kamaal (M.SC.)
  • Hassan lqbal (B.S)
  • Muhammad Nadeem (M.SC)

Mathematics Department

  • Adnan Abbasi (M.SC)
  • Sajid Mehmood (M.SC)
  • Muhammad Faizan (M. SC)
  • Nadia Iftikhar (M. SC) English Deparment
  • Raja Shahbaz Ahmad (M.A)
  • Khadim Hussain (M.A)
  • Nadir Ali Abbasi (M.A)
  • Raiha Hiader (M.A)
  • Sobia Sharif (M.A)

Urdu Department

  • Mustafa Abbas (M.Phil.)
  • Muhammad Safdar (M.A)
  • Muhammad Asif (M.A)
  • Amra (M.A)
  • Rab Nawaz Bhatti (M.A)

Islamiyat Department

  • Assad Razzaq (M.A)
  • RoohUl Ameen (M.A)
  • Imran Kiyani (M.A)
  • Muhammad Haroon (M.A)
  • Abdul Sattar (M.A)

Pak Study Depatarment

  • Sardar Ali (M.Phil.)
  • Imran Khan (M.A)
  • Mehanaz Bibi (M.A)

Commerce Depatarment

  • Khalil Ur Rehman (Com)

Adnan Memon (B.S Economics)